Explaining America

Today on YouTube I saw a video done by an Irish woman titled “10 AMERICAN Problems I'm TOO IRISH to Understand.” She, in turn, was pulling these items from a discussion on reddit titled “What's an American problem you're too European to understand?” Now, I’ve been an American for over four decades. What’s more, I’ve … Continue reading Explaining America

First Lean Coffee Recap

I went to my first Lean Coffee meetup today. It was amazing. Great conversation. Learned a lot. The group represented a wide range of people: Programmers, Scrum Masters, Testers, Product Owners, HR, Agile Coaches, etc. with both men and women in all roles. Great cross section. Here is my attempt to process some of what … Continue reading First Lean Coffee Recap


Today I read a great article on prayer. It's not hot off the presses, having been posted in 2016. I can't say anything in it was exactly new to me either. There was no earth shattering revelation. In the almost two thousand years of the Christian church much has been written on the topic. I … Continue reading Prayer