Design & Desire

Blow away the cobwebs of my mind, Clear away anything stemming from my own design. Remove the thoughts of only me: Distractions that prevent me from being who you made me to be. Refocus all my energy on you. Place your light so brightly in my soul I cannot see Anything but your will and … Continue reading Design & Desire


Despair and Faith

The world can seem so dark. Wars, the rumor of wars, etc. Genocide. Religious persecution. Economical and political instability. It would be so easy to despair. I feel it, like a weight, pressing me down. And then God reminds me He is still sovereign, still reigning supreme, and still in control, though I don't see … Continue reading Despair and Faith

Why I want to believe

Why? Why do I believe that some guy who was tortured to death almost 2,000 years ago actually came back to life? The reasons are many. But more importantly is the desire to believe. Why do I want to believe this? That's the more interesting question.