Complaining of a Cruddy Week

[Journal entry complaining of a cruddy week. Feel free to ignore this post as I'm just griping.] Last week, Thanksgiving week, was good. I had a great time with family. This week, the travel home and first few days back, has been not good. It started Monday with one of the worst migraines of my … Continue reading Complaining of a Cruddy Week

Bad Day

Today was, in a word, horrible. It started at 4:00AM when I awoke with a migraine. I took my meds only to vomit them up. Nothing I tried helped either the headache or continued vomiting. At 9:30 i finally asked my sister to take me to an urgent care facility she knew of. They gave … Continue reading Bad Day

Winding Down

It's been a great week, spending time with my family at my grandparents' house, wrapping up by preaching at their church. When I was a boy, traveling from church to church with my grandparents, running all over the church building where his office was, and spending time with them and other missionaries, it never occurred … Continue reading Winding Down