Is the Spill Accidental?

In follow up to my previous post asking who really is responsible for the BP Oil Spill, has anyone seriously considered or looked into the possibility that the explosion which caused the BP Oil Spill was sabotage?  I don’t mean some hair-brained “eco terrorist” idea that Rush Limbaugh mentioned a month ago or so.  It … Continue reading Is the Spill Accidental?


BP Oil Spill: Who’s Really Responsible?

"I take responsibility. It is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down," Obama said at a news conference, where he announced a series of new restrictions on oil drilling projects. (Associated Press [2010, May 28]. Obama Returns to Gulf Amid Escalating Anger. The BP oil spill in the … Continue reading BP Oil Spill: Who’s Really Responsible?

Who to Blame

I heard something interesting today: “Never blame politicians for the bad things that happen in this country.  Blame us, the people.  If we had more backbone and stood up for what is right, we’d have better leaders.”

Secret Agent Man (NOT)

Me: Oh, I didn’t know you were still awake.  And here I was trying to be all stealthy. Jenn:  Yea, you’re pretty terrible at that. Me: At least you know I don’t have a secret double life as a super spy or something. Jenn: If you do, your mild mannered alter ego is REALLY good!

First Clue

Apparently a FEMA videographer asked cleanup volunteers in Mississippi to change their Salvation Army T-shirts before he would film their efforts.  The feature on Fox News was interesting enough in its own right.  What was surprising was the statement by the news show anchor that she wasn't aware the Salvation Army was a Christian organization. … Continue reading First Clue