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Open minded or Mindless?

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Life

This past weekend I heard the following expression: “It’s possible to be so open minded that your brains fall out”. I don’t have a problem with diversity. I enjoy participating in a worship service with people of all colors and languages, for example. But there is a difference between celebrating diversity and reveling in sin.


It’s only the end of my first full day at the Orientation to ABC Life conference. I don’t agree with everything or everyone. The difference between this and where I came from is that this is perfectly acceptable. Before when I disagreed with a denominational stance or certain folk within it I received a statement something along the lines of “Well you must not be a real [denomination name]”. Here I receive, “Well I’m sorry you think that way, but as long as long as you respect my position I’ll respect yours. In fact, I’d really like to talk more about this with you when we have more free time to find out what’s brought you to that point of view.”

I think I can work with this.