Navigating the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Job had several reasons to turn against God.  He had no idea why he was suffering since God never revealed to him Satan's accusations and the specifics of the test he endured.  Yet Job remained firm; he never cursed God. He grieved, but even in his grief he bowed before God in worship (1:20-21). Even … Continue reading Navigating the Valley of the Shadow of Death


A Ton of Bricks

The Book of Job. Psalm 73 Part and parcel of the Christian's faith is the conviction that God Himself is enough to satisfy him.  How can we tell whether we really trust God or merely say we trust Him while selfishly trusting the things that He gives us?  The distinction becomes apparent when God separates … Continue reading A Ton of Bricks

The Boy

My boy had some doctor's appts today.  He had his hearing and vision checked.  The left ear had some resonance issues, but that could have been the cold he seems to have... or it could be actual hearing difficulty.  They'll check him again in a year.  He does need glasses.  One eye has an astigmatism … Continue reading The Boy