Taking Posession

We are in Holdrege, our new town.  Last night Jenn, John, Amie and I did a final walk-through of the house while Maggie and Abbie went off to the fair with the church's Children's Coordinator and her grand-daughter. Jenn likes the house.  (I had a nightmare the other night that after the walkthrough she broke … Continue reading Taking Posession

Moving Update

I've made it safe to Wendover, UT.  Originally Jenn was going to drive the U-Haul while I took the kids in the van.  The idea here was to give her a break.  Somehow I've ended up the primary truck driver and she's got the kids again.  Whatever. There were some pretty strong winds coming across … Continue reading Moving Update


I'm moving.  Moving away from the Land of Fruits and Nuts (e.g. California) to the Corn Husker state.  We've loaded up the truck and are en-route to Holdrege, Nebraska.

Dangerous Criminal Deported (Seriously?)

Arizona is taking flack from the Federal Government for attempting to curtail illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking and violence against U.S. Citizens by illegals and traffickers. A comic book artist from Canada is detained, interrogated and deported by U.S. officials. Anyone else see the logical inconsistencies here?