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A generation or two ago, people were comfortable with twenty inches or so of space.  Fifteen years ago that number was thirty to thirty-six inches.  Today the average comfort zone is four feet (forty-eight inches) or more.  Practically speaking that means that while it may look like you have a lot of empty space in your church, visitors will not feel comfortable.  If they stay for service the chances of their ever coming back are slim.

I was speaking with a fellow pastor the other night who told of observing visitors making it all the way to the sanctuary (a trek given their church’s location) and then turning around and leaving when they didn’t see enough open space for them to sit comfortably.  In my own church we have been told by regular attenders (not just new comers and visitors) that the reason they stopped coming was because it was getting too crowded in the sanctuary.

Does your church building really hold as many people as you think it does?


There have been a lot of changes to WordPress and I haven’t really kept up.  I haven’t posted as much as I once did.  This is partly due to Facebook sort of taking over the social networking scene.  However, as happens from time, I’ve decided to revisit some of my tools and do some house keeping.  Facebook, Twitter and WordPress made the cut.  Google+ got the axe.  A couple others were added to the lineup (such as RockMelt) for a trial run.

The new WordPress layout has me a bit confused.  I don’t find it intuitive or user friendly.  It could just be I’m an old fogey who got comfortable with the way things were and don’t want to learn a new way of posting to and controlling my blog.

Among my current WP frustrations “New Post” button.  This page doesn’t doesn’t have the Publish or Categories boxes (at least not that I can see).  Getting to the “classic” post page is a real pain as the drill down links aren’t always working.  It takes quite a few attempts with refreshes to finally get the menus to function properly.

I’m remembering now another reason my WordPress posts started to lag:  WordPress has made it progressively more difficulty for me to control the details of my posts.

The God Day Continues

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
My God day continues. For several years I’ve been wanting to record another album. Today we finalized one of the songs and I finished laying down instrument tracks for the third song (only vocals left). So stoked (and still have my headache, but I don’t care).

A God Day

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today is a God day. I awoke with a headache, still have the headache (despite taking meds) and despite that I’m in a good mood.


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I had a blast during today’s adventure.  Every month I get together with a group of players for a Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game session.  Our game is set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, the setting for the old Basic & Expert Dungeons and Dragons rules boxes.  I’ve been running them through some modules from that era with some home-brew thrown in.

Today’s game was, as I said above, a blast.  The funniest moment was the death of our Halfling Thief.  The Elven Mage had fallen into a pit-trap sustaining light damage.  The Halfling tied a rope around himself, gave the other end to the Dwarven Fighter and jumped into the pit.  I did suggest that they could just lower the rope down to the trapped Elf, but the Halfling really wanted to do it his way.

The Dwarf held on to his end of the rope.  The Halfling jumped in.  The problem was that the rope was longer than the fall.  The Halfling belly flopped onto the ground at the bottom of the pit.  I rolled – maximum damage!  The Halfling went SPLAT!  The two magic-users looted his corpse.

This whole series of events caused our poor Dwarf a serious attack of conscience, being the good aligned character that he is.  He’d been annoyed by the thief for two adventures now and just held on to the end of the rope rather than doing a proper belay.  Oops!

Well, in the end, they characters conquered the villain and dragged the Halfling’s body back to town for a resurrection spell.

We laughed.  A character died.  A good time was had by all.