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Stuck In Time

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Life

One of the trippy things about moving way is that people you knew in the past are sort of stuck in time. Consciously you know they have grown and changed, but subconsciously they are still the same as the day you left. This is particularly true for children.

My first year teaching I had a student who seemed to always be staring at me as if I were an alien with antennae growing out of my head. Perhaps this was partly due to me being the first male teacher this student ever had. Perhaps I really am that strange. Auf jeden fall, this student moved out of my class and a couple years later I moved away. Via facebook I’m able to stay in contact with former students, their siblings and parents. I see current pictures of my former students and read of their growth and development. But in my mind’s eye this student is still the same 7th grader who used to stare at me as if I were the oddest thing they’d ever experienced.

It’s a shock, sometimes, to see pictures of my former students and realize how much time has gone past.


Testing a Promise for Peace

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Faith

Are you familiar with the expression, “…like water off a duck’s back…”? The rain is pouring down in sheets and buckets. As I gazed out the window of my office at the evergreen trees across the lawn I saw a family of ducks waddle out. Unfazed by the rain, they stood in the open for a time before finally wandering off. That phrase, “…like water off a duck’s back” popped into my head. Of course, being a minister I my mind automatically made several analogous leaps. (more…)

Writing Again for the First Time

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Life

I might not have posted a blog entry in a bit, but I have been writing. The other week I ran across in interesting book:

Book in a Month: The Fool-Proof System for Writing a Novel in 30 Days.

I was in Sioux Falls at Barnes & Nobel (not living anywhere near one, it’s been literally years since I was in a B&N) actually looking for the restroom when this book caught my eye. I actually did a double take – and stopped. Picking the book up I took it back to a table and began flipping through it. I found a good deal of great advice, not just for writing, but for life in general. Feeling compelled to purchase this book I first stopped to pray about it. (more…)

Feeling Stressed Out

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Faith, Life

Do I have faith enough to move a mountain? I have been under a mountain of stress. I hadn’t even realized until last night and this morning. Thus, I believe, the source of my headaches the past three days. There is not one thing, or one project, or one responsibility that has me overburdened. It’s all things. There are times when even a job you love can seem like too much to handle. When even people you love seem to annoy you with every little thing they do. In my experience it has less to do with the job or the family or any other circumstances. It has to do with my own heart. (more…)

What a Pain

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Life

Started getting a headache yesterday morning. Took some meds about 10:00. It got me through most of my day. Came home a bit early. Took more meds, a hot shower then went to bed. Jenn got me up about 7:00 for dunner. I thought I was going to be okay, but the pain grew worse. Finally went back to bed about 8:00.

With as much pain as I was in on medication, I can’t even imagine how bad I would have felt without it.

Electrons vs. Wood Pulp

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Technology

I read the following quote in an article titled “Macjournal, How I Love You” on REtina Technology Blog:

I loathe paper. You can’t search it, copy it, or easily distribute data that has been imprinted on pressed vegetation…

While I agree with the author’s critique, it was the “imprinted on pressed vegetation” bit that made me chuckle.

On Being Salt and Light

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Church, Faith

When Christian missionaries went into Indonesia they build compounds and invited the natives to come in out of the world, be saved and be separate. When muslims entered they went into the communities, did business with the natives, lived among them, took interest in what they were interested in. Today Indonesia is more than 85% Muslim. Similar stories can be told around the world. On every continent it seems that Christian missionaries were content to be Light, shining a beacon of salvation to those around, without being Salt, mixing with the populace and seasoning it from within.