Out the Window

"Was I asleep?  Did I miss the memo?  When did the whole world throw rational thought out the window?" Charles Epps in Numb3rs


I Don’t Understand

I don't understand how people who claim to believe in racial equality can support an organization who's founder was an active racist, an organization which is based and built upon the idea of Eugenics, and to this day targets non-white populations for its "services." I just don't understand.

Class Clown

Getting ready to pass out this semester's History final, two of my most talkative females students are continuing in their conversation. Me: Ladies, would you like to forfeit this exam and take a zero? [Both girls stop talking and shake their heads in the negative.] Male Student: [Innocent expression on his face] Wait, we can … Continue reading Class Clown

Church Signs

I like it when Churches get creative with their signage.  Then again, I love (absolutely enjoy) a good bad pun (drives my wife bonkers). Here some some interesting ones. "There are some questions that can't be answered by Google." "Staying in bed shouting, 'Oh God!' does not constitute going to church." "Read the Bible.  It … Continue reading Church Signs


We don't have cable or satellite tv, so I haven't seen a football game in who knows how long.  Nevertheless, today I walked into the living room to see John bent over, "hiking" his sippy cup through his legs. There must be something genetic.