No Sleep Walking Here

4:30 am. At work to connect with the guys in India. The motion sensor lights in my office turned off. Either I'm so focused on my task that I'm not moving much or I fell asleep at my desk.


Are You Really Happy?

If it makes you happy It can't be that bad If it makes you happy Then why the hell are you so sad --If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow This song has become something of an anthem to many I know who adhere to the philosophy that if it feels good, or brings … Continue reading Are You Really Happy?

Expensive Cat

Last month I saw something truly rare: a cat worth $500. My eyes only glimpsed it briefly before it disappeared. If I saw it so briefly, how do I know it was worth $500? Because that's how much it cost to fix my jeep after I swerved to miss the stupid thing!