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I was getting frustrated.  I clicked “shuffle” on my iPhone and the song began playing.  After it was over it just repeated the same song again.  I had to manually click to the next song.   It did it again. And again.  And again!  This went on all evening before I realized the problem.  I had the “repeat” function also selected.  I tapped the album cover and saw that repeat loop highlighted.  Deselecting that resolved my problem.


Names in Fantasy Novels

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Books

One of the difficulties I have when reading fantasy novels is keeping track of who’s who when the names are really unusual. I just finished reading a book where most of the characters were Elven. By the end I had a hard time keeping track of who was who unless the author referenced something the character said or did earlier in the book.

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook about my desire to get Google Apps and iCloud to work in tandem on my Apple devices, specifically an iPhone, iPad and iMac (my MacBook is still on Snow Leapard and doesn’t yet have its head in the iClouds).

Previously I’d attempted to use both my Gmail account and MobileMe account on my computers. Perhaps I just set stuff up wrong, or perhaps the difference between MobileMe and iCloud is sufficient enough that the previous attempt to work with both Google and Apple was an unmitigated disaster. This time it worked smoothly.

I must clarify that I am not attempting to “merge” data across the two cloud services. That was the problem before. I couldn’t find a way to use both Gmail/Calendar and MobileMe services side by side with out them trying to merge data. The result was dublicated and lost data. It really sucked, and I’ve still not recovered all the contacts that were lost.

Both iOS and Lion make adding GMail accounts (and Calendar, etc.) a snap. After putting in my church Google Apps account info I selected which Google services I wanted to use (Gmail and Calendar) and voila! they’re in. On the calendar I did have to tell it to also pull the Google Cal delegates, but that’s no big deal.

I’m not techie enough to say what’s different or why. Before when I added Google, it tried to sync both my google calendars and address book with my MobileMe data and that backfired big time. This time, it just works beside the iCloud stuff. In fact, google address book isn’t even pushed to my devices. When I create calendar items I stipulate which calendar its to go into. My personal and family calendars are on iCloud and my church calendars are on Google. It’s quite easy and painless.

That’s it.

Been There, Read That – Sort Of

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Books

Have you ever started reading a book and realized that you must have read it before? You don’t remember having read it, and while you can’t remember the vast majority of the story, little vignettes come to you. I found myself experiencing that yesterday.

I started reading a book I thought I’d not read before only to start having flashes of memory. Suddenly at one point it all came back to me. Well, sort of. I remembered clearly up to a certain scene, but nothing after that. I continued reading.

Apparently I began the book sometime back but never finished it. I don’t know why I never finished it. I still have no recollection of actually reading the book, just memory of the story to a certain point. It’s a good book (if you like fantasy adventure novels) and I’m really enjoying it (which increases the mystery of why I never finished it).