Merry Christmas

As a child I found it neigh impossible to fall asleep Christmas Eve.  My parents had to repeatedly remind me that Santa only came after children were asleep in order for me to lay my head down and attempt slumber.  I would then be up before the crack of dawn eagerly waiting to be released … Continue reading Merry Christmas


Endurance, Character, Hope

In the first chapter of Job the man receives bad news after bad news.  While one servant is telling him of one tragedy, another servant comes and tells him of another.  In a matter of minutes Job learned that all his livestock are gone and his children destroyed.  Job's response is fascinating: "Then Job arose … Continue reading Endurance, Character, Hope


Went to an honest-to-goodness barber today, not a unisex hair chain or a stylists.  It was great.  The dude used a straight razor to clean up my hairline. It's getting harder and harder it seems to find a barbershop.  If you're a guy, I recommend searching out one in your area.  I almost wished I … Continue reading Barber

Last Friday was my 10th anniversary.  We arranged for a baby-sitter, made reservations and drove over the mountain to have dinner together.  Just the two of us.  No children present. Speaking of presents, 10th anniversary is supposed to be "tin".  That just didn't set well with me.  I searched high and low for something else … Continue reading