Repentence, Bias, Technology

I have repented... or maybe I've accepted my addiction... or perhaps it's recognizing my bias... Whatever. After a very serious and concerted effort to leave the Apple techosystem, I have ceased the struggle and allowed the Apple gravity well to draw me back into it's embrace. The migration away from Apple products began about a … Continue reading Repentence, Bias, Technology

Losing Focus

American Baptists have a long history of being concerned with equality and social justice. We have many initiatives in our own right and partner with other organizations to fight hunger, oppression, and injustice, to promote equality and social well-being. One of our mottoes is "Being the hands and feet of Christ." This is all very … Continue reading Losing Focus

14 Things ‘The Princess Bride’ taught me about Pastoring

I just read an article titled "17 Things 'The Princess Bride' Taught Me About Autism Parenting." As a parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum I found the article amusing and encouraging. As I read, I also became aware of many similarities between parenting an autistic child and pastoring a church. So here's my spin-off … Continue reading 14 Things ‘The Princess Bride’ taught me about Pastoring