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A friend asked me the other day if I thought Christians should ignore the Noah movie. Both of us are avid role-players and were remembering how much grief we got from church people for playing that demon worshipping game known as Dungeons & Dragons (major eye rolling).

Personally I think hollywood is handing us a great missional opportunity. It can be rather hard to get a conversation about the Bible going in a natural way. Here we have hollywood giving us the cue card! Okay, I’m not thinking linearly. Let me start over.

I think Missional Christians (notice the qualifier). Your average American Christian Country Club Member should ignore it.

If you’re easily offended at how the unchurched see and portray the Bible, then don’t go see it. It will be inaccurate. You will be offended. You’ll rant, rave, and just prove to the world how backwards and close-minded Christians are.

If, however, you seek to understand the unchurched world better in order that you can speak grace and gospel into their lives, then please go see the film.

As I said above, Hollywood is handing us a great opportunity, a natural way to not just have a spiritual conversation, but have a conversation on the Bible. How often does the secular world spend $125 million dollars to give us the opportunity to share our faith?

I don’t dare pass up this opportunity.