Shortly after I joined the Art of Manliness social network there was a post on reviving the art of letter writing and then another on stationery. I have been notorious for my lack of communication in general, but particularly in the area of mail correspondence. Nevertheless, the posts struck a chord within me. Shortly after … Continue reading Contact!

Color Coordination

Dudes, color coordination is not just for chicks.  Here are some basic principles when dressing up a bit (so I'm not talking about lounging in a pair of Jeans, T-shirt and combat boots here). Socks: Sock color should match your pants, not your shirt or shoes. Shoes: Wear brown shoes with brown or blue pants/suit. … Continue reading Color Coordination

Basic Principles on Argument and Debate

The following are some basic principles on having a discussion with another person with whom you disagree, particularly in political and religious matters. I would like to give credit where due, and thank Andrew Barbour who posted an article entitled, “How to Argue” on The Art of Manliness website.  His article helped me to formulate … Continue reading Basic Principles on Argument and Debate