Conversation with Amie

Amie: Papa.  Hungry. Me: What do you want? Amie: Oh, watcha TV [exit stage left] Me: [making incomprehensible Tasmanian Devil sounds]



I am thankful for so many things: My parents who raised me according to the Word of God and who are still married. My sister whom God spared as an infant and maintained by His almighty hand during her early ears. My wife without whom my life would truly be incomplete. My children: Maggie, Abbie, … Continue reading Thankful

Thanksgiving Feast

Even being sick, and not having expected to make a full Thanksgiving dinner (we had to cancel our trip to my parents due to family illness) Jenn still pulled together a fine feast.  Turkey, Potatoes, Gravy, Stuffing, Homemade Bread, etc. She's a great wife & mother.

Liberalness of Southern Baptist Schools

Dr. Ron Nash made the following statement in a lecture on Worldviews in Conflict as part of an apologetics course: Most Southern Baptist Colleges are liberal ... I am a Southern Baptist.  But forty-eight or so of the fifty Southern Baptist Colleges in America are basically pagan institutions ... They don’t believe anything about the … Continue reading Liberalness of Southern Baptist Schools

Sick Kids

We've had illness creeping through our family for the past few weeks.  Yesterday I stayed home to take care of Jenn and two sick kids.  Today John seems to have come down with the bug.  Seems like the only time my kids are still enough for a good cuddle is when they're sick.