We Americans (meaning those of us in the United States) are obsessed with origins. Historically, ethnicity and nationality have largely been the same thing (yes, I realize this is an oversimplification). While migration has become more fluid, that still holds mostly true for the majority of the world. With few exceptions, Germans are German, the French are French, Swedes are Swedish, Mongolians are Mongolian, Thais are Thai, etc. But here in the U.S (with the exception of the Native American population) are from everywhere else. But there seems to be a psychological need to identify with a people/place. A person may claim affiliation with German culture or identity despite the fact their ancestors left the Fatherland four or more generations ago and never looked back. We seem to need roots, anchorage, grounding. And so, along with most of my countrymen, I claim an affiliation and affinity with and for Scotland. Like most Americans I’m a mutt, a bit of this and that (English, German, etc) but the majority of my ancestral DNA is Scottish (well, to be honest if you go back farther than that, it’s straight up Norse Viking but that’s another story). My family’s pride in our Scottish lineage is strong. We are of sept Malloch of clan MacGregor…and damn proud of it. My grandmother was a Maloch in name as well as blood (her line having misplaced the second L during immigration). Though she married out (to a German/English Smith no less) I have cousins who still bear the Scottish moniker and my eldest child has it for a middle name.

Though removed from Scotland by a good many generations, and never having set foot on Scottish soil, I nevertheless have an interest in what transpires there and in the state of the Scottish people. It was, thus, with gladness that I learned of a missional effort to re-evangelize the home country of John Knox (one of my personal heroes of the faith). 20schemes has the stated mission of “bringing the light of the gospel to Scotland’s schemes through church planting & revitalisation” (a scheme is similar to a U.S. urban housing project). Since making acquaintance with this ministry a year ago, I have been following and praying for their efforts. Though my current economic state precludes my providing any temporal assistance, I continue to pray for them and can, perhaps raise a small bit of awareness.

If time permits, no, please make the time, I implore you, to visit their website and learn more about this church planting movement among Scotlands poorest. Join me in praying for them. Perhaps you can also lend assistance where I cannot. If such be the case, to God be the glory.


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