In 1983 my family returned to the U.S. from southeast Asia. In 1984 I discovered MTV. Funny that a television network (rather than the radio) should open my eyes to the world of current music. I borrowed my Dad’s Walkman (bought in Hong Kong) and would come to use a good deal of my paper rout money to buy cassette tapes of all my favorite artists.

Speaking of papers, I’d chuck those news pages to the sounds of Huey Lewis & the News, moon over girls while listening to Madonna, nod my head (cause I can’t dance) to Toto, and (though I wouldn’t admit it publicly then) I really liked Duran Duran and found Culture Club oddly (key word) fascinating.

As I sit to work, I put on my 1980’s play list and I’m taken back to those Summer days sitting in the living room taking in this amazing new genre. These are the songs of my childhood. This is my go-to playlist.

Now playing as I finish up this post: “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister.


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