I like reading and watching detective stories. Some of my favorite TV shows include Foyle’s War, Midsomer Murders, CSI, and NCIS. What I don’t like are wild inaccuracies. The longer I watch a show, the more I find.

Recently I was watching a show (from a few seasons back) wherein a person was murdered in a busy hotel. The killer used a .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol and employed a stuffed animal as a makeshift silencer so none of the hotel patrons heard the shot.

Um…nope. Not a chance.

First, guns are loud. Even a little .22 can be unpleasant to the ears, especially in an inclosed space. Second, silencers don’t really work the way Hollywood portrays. They only drop the sound of a weapon a few decibels. Third, a stuffed animal or pillow isn’t going to make any appreciable difference in the volume of a fired weapon.

If a .50 cal handgun went off in a hotel room, silencer or not, everyone nearby (unless perhaps they were watching a Rambo flick at high volume) would know a gun had been fired, and hopefully would at least call the front desk if not the police to report the disturbance.

A quick search produced this YouTube video demonstrating the sound differential (or rather lack thereof) between a silenced and un-silenced .44 Cal Desert Eagle. The .50 cal is even louder.


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