The summer after 8th grade my parents moved our family from the city to a house on five acres, twenty minutes away from a small mountain town with only one stop light. I was a bit bitter about leaving friends and conveniences. I didn’t understand all that went into that decision but I believe it saved our family. I’m fairly certain it saved me. Now with a family (and young teenager) of my own, my wife and I find ourselves contemplating a similar move.

The city has been beneficial in some ways, but there are forces at play, tearing at our family, which would be more easily mitigated against in a smaller, more rural community. Such a move would entail great sacrifice and tremendous inconvenience. But what are the hearts, minds, and souls of my wife and children worth? 

We’re not talking of an attempt to flee and hide from the world. The war cannot be avoided. Nor did Christ instruct us to withdraw from the world (quite the contrary). Rather we are seeking to choose a battlefield which is advantageous to our cause.

Which battlefield depends on our strategy. And the battle plan is what we are developing now.


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