Today is Friday the 13th. Not that I care much. In fact I didn’t even realize it until the cashier said something about it. In honor of the day, however, I decided to post the lyrics to an unrecorded song titled “Superstitious” which I wrote two decades ago.


Black cat cross my path
Good thing I’m not superstitious

Friday the 13th come and go
Nothin’ happen to me at all
But Saturday the 14th come around
My whole life turned upside down
Good thing I’m not superstitious

Full moon shinin’ bright
Hear the howling late at night
Wolves in my backyard
Good thing I’m not superstitious.

We get so caught up in these stupid ideas
Check my horoscope today
See what it has to say
Tell me where did I put that Tarot deck
Must see what the future holds
Will I be growing old
Never mind I realized I can read my palm
See that life-line there
Ain’t goin’ anywhere

Tired of running from the one
Who’s calling me to higher road

Lay aside these foolish things
Set my gaze on the King of Kings
Turn away from the stars in the sky
Look to the One who made them shine
No need for superstition

Though I walk through the valley grim
Nothing should I fear but Him
Reset in my Maker
No need for superstition

We get so bound up in the chains of this world
Anything to keep us from
Looking to the Holy One
Tell me where did put that Holy Word
Must know what He says to me
How he came to set us free
Praise the Lord for saving me from my stupidity
Jesus is the one who saves
I got nothin’ more to say

© 1995 Jason P. Franklin


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