Last night I ran my two oldest children in a Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game adventure as we awaited the new year. It was … entertaining. Below is an account written to describe one of the encounters during the adventure.

Isil and the Goblins

There’s probably no figure of the southlands more interestingly infamous than Isil the Elf Maid. She was an escaped elven slave who managed to make her way to the southern frontier and plied her trade as a liberator of other people’s property. At some point she decided to become an adventurer. Some venerate her as a hero. Other’s merely consider her simply the luckiest crazy elf to swing a blade (or pick a lock) in the southern frontier. A classic example is the story of her first encounter with goblins during her first exploration.

To set that stage, she and two companions found a ruined fortress and discovered a stairway leading down into the underground portion of the ancient ruin. Their first encounter, which I shall gloss over, was with a group of Stirges. For those unfamiliar, the Stirge is a large, leathery birdlike creature with a long proboscis. They attack their pray much like mosquitos, by latching onto the victim and sucking the blood from them. In short, the small party was victorious. However, rather than destroying the Stirge nests, Isil took two Stirge chicks with a view to raising them and seeing if they could be trained. That alone should give you some insight into the personality and character of Isil the elf.

A bit later in the exploration of the dungeon the group of intrepid adventurers found themselves in a long corridor. Isis the elf maiden decided to set off down the corridor at full speed, leaving her two companions behind. It’s interesting to note that the two other members of her party didn’t attempt to stop her. The human warrior looked at his remaining companion and said, “You know, I’m not sure she’s all there.” The elven fighter/mage simply shrugged and the two continued down the hall at a normal rate of travel.

Meanwhile Isil had rounded a corner and seeing a door before her and launched herself at it what would have been an amazing leaping kick had she not rebounded off the door and landed flat on the ground. The two other members of her party rounded the corner in time to see her picking herself up off the ground. Without even a sheepish grin Isil walked up to the door and tried the latch. Finding it opened easily she flung the door aside and leapt into the room. This is where she was confronted by four goblins.

Obviously the goblins where not surprised by the elf as they’d just heard her smash into the door. What Isil did as her companions came up to offer their aid, however, was surprising. As her other elven companion hurled a dagger past her head, and incidentally struck and killed one of the goblins, Isil began frothing at the mouth and with wild eyes shouted, “I have come to devour your souls!” She then threw one of her Stirge chicks at the goblins. Two things happened at this point: Firstly, the Stirge chick was killed instantly and secondly, the goblin which it struck fainted from fright. The remaining two goblins were now completely terrified. From their perspective a powerful and crazy elf had just sucked the soul from their companion. Before either of them could react, however, the Human warrior stepped in and dispatched one of them with his long sword. The remaining goblin screamed in terror and ran off into the darkness.

Isil now proceeded to bind the unconscious goblin and having completed that task, roused it. The goblin was completely beside itself in fear but Isil engaged it in conversation and discovered the disposition of the dungeon and its denizens. After the exchange the goblin was sure the crazy elf was going to kill it but Isil simply unbound him and set him free pointing him in the direction his companion had fled. The goblin backed away in terror until he felt he was a safe distance from the elf, then turning around followed the first goblin also issuing a blood curdling scream.

And that is the story of Isil and Goblins.


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