When I do my daily bible reading I like to also hear it read and so listen to MP3 or online audio files of the chapters. This morning as I was reading and listening to the scripture Ming Ming (age 8) came in and asked, “Why do you still read the bible, and why is the computer reading it to you?”

I explained that the Bible is God’s word to us. It is primarily through scripture that God talks to us, so we need to constantly be reading the Bible.

“Imagine if we still lived in the same house, but we never talked again,” I said. “How would that be?”

“The would be horrible!” she exclaimed.

“Well,” I began, “God is all around us. If we stop reading the Bible and praying then we stop talking with God and that would just be weird.”

She seemed to give that some serious thought and to understand it.

I love conversations like these and am so thankful to God for stirring an interest in my daughter’s heart. Both she and her younger brother are starting to ask more questions about faith.


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