In the mid 80’s I cut my Role-Playing teeth on Dungeons & Dragons. It wasn’t until 1988 or 89 that I discovered GURPS at Games Unlimited in Concord, California. It remains one of my favorite Role-Playing Games of all time. GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role-Playing System and, in my opinion, lives up to the name. Using the system I’ve played high fantasy, low fantasy, sci-fi, wild west, swashbuckling pirates, super heroes, and the list goes on. I run into people frequently who seem to despise GURPS. I don’t really understand why. I hear their rants, smile, nod, and promptly forget them. (So, if you’re one of the GURPS haters, please feel free to no post a reply. I really don’t care.) The purpose of this post is not to convince non-RPGers to play, nor to convince non-GURPS players to try it (thought that would be cool). It’s my blog, and I’ve been re-reading GURPS Fantasy 4th Ed. and I just wanted to write about the game. As I said, it’s my blog, and honestly I really don’t care if no one reads it…so there.

Where was I? Oh yea. GURPS is a game that allows players to try any genre imaginable. GURPS is a creative GM’s dream come true. As I mentioned above, the impetus to this article was my re-reading of the GURPS Fantasy supplement. Frankly, I’ve always had more fun creating worlds than running adventures in them. I have over twenty fully formed worlds that have never seen game play. I pull them out every once in a while, just to read through them, gaze at the maps and occasionally, rarely to make adjustments. These are my worlds. I made them. For my own good pleasure.

As a rabbit trail, I happen to be a Christian of the Evangelical Calvinist persuasion. This concept of creating a world simply for my pleasure happens to also be entirely in keeping with my theological view of God, the Cosmos, Reality, and humanity’s relationship to all of the above.

As previously stated, GURPS is a creative GMs dream. The 4th edition Fantasy supplement does for the Fantasy game what even the 3rd ed. Space supplement did for Sci-Fi. Inside it’s leaves is a robust guide to creating a fantasy world that makes sense. I’ve read (and written) an innumerable amount of articles and pdf booklets on the topic of fantasy world building. GURPS Fantasy 4th Ed. combines most of that into one neat package. I’ll add that GURPS Space does the same for Sci-Fi. And the plethora of books and online resources is absolutely amazing.

While GURPS doesn’t hold for me the same nostalgia that D&D and AD&D 1E do, it is still by far one of my favorite RPG systems.


One thought on “Something I Like About GURPS

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever played GURPS. I’ve played D&D 2nd and 3rd, Pathfinder, a little TMNT, but GURPS hasn’t ever made it on the game table.

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