I used to feel guilty about not finishing a book. Not any more. Some years ago I read a book on reading (kinda meta) which, among other things, advocated for giving oneself the right to not finish books. The method recommended was to subtract ones age from one-hundred and read that far into the book. If the book hasn’t grabbed your attention by then, drop it and move on. Part of the idea is the older you get, the less time you have to waste on literature which doesn’t speak to you. (It also means that when you reach 100, you have permission to judge a book by its cover.)

That brings me to Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear. I read a great review on it and noticing it was in my local public library I checked it out. I’ve read other books by Bear and enjoyed most of them. This one just didn’t move me. It’s probably just me, and the place I am in life right now. I’ve found that lately I’ve enjoyed more action/adventure (be it fantasy, sci-fi, cliffhanger, etc.) and cozy mysteries. This book is neither. I really wanted to like it (I pressed on to page 223), but it’s just too strange for me right now.

I shall be returning it to my library and trying another.


One thought on “Hull Zero Three

  1. I would emphasize the “where you’re at” factor more than anything else. I now dislike most fiction that I would have devoured a couple of decades ago. Instead, I write the stuff I’d like to read, wishing a better author would write it for me.

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