I never watched X-Files when it was on TV. I tried a couple times because I had friends who were really into it…but it never held my attention. I decided to give it a go today. I’m 8:25 into Season 1, Episode 1 and already have two things which bug me.

  1. The misuse of Theory rather than Hypothesis (common error that really gets me riled up).
  2. The mispronunciation of the state of Oregon.

One thought on “X-File Observation

  1. Once I realized the show was a character based drama and not a technical/psychological thriller (which would have been great), it got a lot better. In the former category, I can ignore a lot more of the malarkey that passes for intelligent conversation and consistent plot. I liked it in the beginning, but it got old well before it was cut.

    The OR-i-gun thing bugs me any time I hear it. People learn not to pronounce Arkansas as Ar-Kansas, they can learn to pronounce Oregon.

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