The following post grew out of and is largely in response to a forum post I was replying to. I realized my answer was getting a bit long winded, so I thought I’d spare the original poster my verbosity and instead inflict it on the world at large. The question I was replying to was, “What do you want to see in a [online] gaming advert to get your interest?”


The one time (so far) that an online presence lead to an IRL gaming session was because someone PM’d me.

I’m currently engaged in preliminary conversation on It was a more generic add, mentioning a specific system but indicating the flavor of the game was more important. The things which drew me into the add were 1) Location 2) Feel of the game/add/idea (in this case, classic/vintage gaming) and 3) Openness to a different rules system.

But that’s just me.

The way I’ve typically found players was by volunteering to host a game at a local small gaming con. A couple years back approached an organizer with the idea of running an AD&D 1st Ed. game just to demonstrate some of the roots of where our modern systems came from. They loved the idea and I had two sessions scheduled. I got a chance to introduce a bunch of college kids to the (near) beginning of modern gaming and they loved it (not to mention a few older folk like me who were excited to wallow in some nostalgia). Out of that my regular gaming group was born. Since it’s rather hard to get AD&D 1st Ed. books, we opted to use Basic Fantasy Role-Playing which feels more like Basic/Expert D&D. Again, these younger folk who normally play games like Pathfinder loved the feel of Old-School Gaming (OSG). And BFRPG has enough official support as well as a sizable player community providing new materials vis a vis classes, optional rules, and adventures that my players didn’t feel like they were stuck on a dead end road.

Now that I’ve moved I find myself needing to start all over again. While I haven’t started or joined a group yet, a chance encounter has netted me a new friend who’s also a gamer and we’re just trying to get the ball rolling. Looking at the add board on has started another conversation which might prove fruitful. Last weekend I visited a few gaming shops in my area and tried to make some connections.

We’ll see how things go.


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