We just purchased a house and will be moving into it in the next month or so (depending on closing and how long it takes to make some necessary repairs/upgrades. All this has me thinking about good ways to get to know my new neighbors. Of course I went to the internet to find some ways of getting to know the neighborhood. Most of the suggestions were all about joining clubs, groups, etc.  Yea… I work two jobs. That’s not going to happen. Many suggestions were geared to big building apartment living, not suburban neighborhoods.

Here are some suggestions which seem more practicable to me:

  • Hang out in the front yard to hopefully see my new neighbors in passing and take the opportunity to introduce myself.
  • Take something over to a neighbor’s house and introduce myself.
  • Host a neighborhood cocktail party.
  • Host a BBQ for my new neighbors.

Any one out there have any good ideas and/or suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Getting To Know You…

  1. Is there a neighborhood park/playground? Does your yard share a property line with the neighbor in such a way you could knock and ask about working together on that part of the yard?

    I was renting, but moved into a house in a new town. I setup my barbecue in the front yard with enough fixings to server burgers, sodas, and chips for a couple dozen people. The first time, a few neighbors asked what I was up to, thought I was nuts, but hung out and had a burger. The next time,, more people showed up and didn’t think I was so crazy. A couple more times and neighbors were looking forward to it and helping make it happen. It turned into a weekly neighborhood event and I got to know my neighbors.

  2. There is a huge park right across the street. I imagine I’ll be hanging out there quite a bit with the kids, and that might be one way to get to know area people.

    I like the idea of setting up the grill in the front yard. We’ll see what kind of foot traffic the street has.

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