Conversation with a Birthday Girl

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Family

Today one of my children turns seven. Here’s how the conversation this morning went.

Me: “Happy Birthday! How old are you now?”

A2: “Seven.”

Me: “Seven? Wow, you’re getting old.”

A2: With a sad face, “M- says when J- is twelve that Minecraft won’t exist anymore.”

Me: …

On this day, the celebration of having completed seven revolutions around our star, the birthday girl is made sad (albeit temporarily) by considering the future demise of her favorite computer game.

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    Better save that old hardware to run that old favorite software, or learn to run Virtual Machines as I do. 😉

  2. I use VMs too. I have one set up right now running Win 98 specifically so I can play some old Windows games. I use the DosBox emulator to play old Dos games.

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