I haven’t felt much like writing lately. I’ve been suffering from a daily string of headaches and migraines for over a month now. Several required a visit to the ER. I finally scheduled an appointment with my doctor yesterday. He did notice that I have a sinus infection, but scheduled me for a C/T scan also to make sure there was nothing brain-wise going on. The scan showed brain being “normal” (obviously it only checks for physical defects) but that I do indeed have a sinus infection. The doctor ordered an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory shot be given me and proscribed me some high powered antibiotic meds. By the end of the day I was feeling much better … and wonder of wonders was able to breath easy without nose spray or nasal decongestant tabs for some months.

Here is my hypothesis based on observations over the past several months: I believe I’ve had this sinus infection since at least early December. Back then I went into the ER for a migraine and the doctor, after checking my throat and ears asked if I had been feeling sick or had a cold or anything. Other than my headache I had been feeling fine. And since flying several times hadn’t caused any discomfort he shrugged it off. I’m thinking that because I didn’t have any cold type symptoms and I do have a history of headaches, I never connected the two together.

So today I can breath and, so far, am headache free. Here’s praying it’s this simple.

And the thought strikes me that sometimes when we’re praying for God to take away the pain and we think He’s saying “no” that the subtext there might be something along the lines of “get your butt to the doctor dumbass.”


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