In ministry it seems we’re always struggling to find or develop a good metric for charting progress and determining if we are successful or not. The default is numbers.

  • “How many folks did you have in church last week?”
  • “How many youth were in youth group?”
  • “What was giving at on Sunday?”
  • “How many baptisms did you have this year?”

A lot of ink has already been spilled addressing this tendency to play the numbers game. Another issue I’ve noticed in many churches is the thinking that “ministry” is the Pastor’s job. We pay him (or her) to do the ministry of the church. It’s an attitude that I’ve spoken against, preached on, and written about quite a bit. So, as I’m reevaluating my ministry pass, my successes and failures, attempting to rediscover what I think about Church (big “C”), church (small “c”), ministry, programs, models etc. I came across an interesting statement which I’ve modified slightly.

The following sentence represents my thinking regarding the Pastor’s role and measuring success:

Measure success not by what you can do but by what you equip others to do. 


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