Every time I think I sense a direction, another option presents itself. Whenever I take a path that looks right, it soon grows difficult to traverse. If life is a hall with doors and windows of opportunity, my life is positively drafty right now. Another window opens and I’m not sure if I should just admire the view or if it’s really a sliding glass door.

Not to complain, but simply expressing emotion, I feel like a yoyo … up and down and occasionally around and around. I’m open, or at least I want to be open to whatever God wants to do. I’m just not sure what that is … or where.

It’s tiring pursuing an ever increasing list of possibilities, watching looking to see which opening closes and which opens wider … and trying to make sure it opens wide enough for a family of seven.


5 thoughts on “It’s Drafty in Here

  1. So much like our lives. I wish I could tell u it gets easier to determine but that hasn’t been our experience. However, God is always present and works things out even when we can’t tell which thing is the best thing. As always am praying for u

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