Last night I took my oldest two children to see the Hobbit. We had a good time. It was an enjoyable movie but … they took a lot more liberties with this script. I’m not going to go all “purist” or anything. In any film adaptation of a book certain liberties need to be taken. Much of the background, and setting the stage for upcoming scenes needed to be handled differently in the film than in the book. There were, however, lines and scenes which were changed or added simply to add some humor or increase the action level … again, things which are often needful in a film for mass appeal but are not as necessary in a piece of literature.

The film didn’t, perhaps, stay as true to the book as I would have liked to have seen, but it was nevertheless a well made film.

The really important thing for my viewing last night was how much my children enjoyed it. A1 enjoyed it but didn’t always understand what was happening and why. M loved it. She’s already into high fantasy and participates in my monthly RPG sessions. She can’t wait for the next film to come out.


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