Good Birthday Weekend

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Faith, Family, Life

It has been a good Birthday weekend.  I was able to spend Friday morning swimming with my family and friday afternoon preparing to GM a role-playing adventure.

Saturday began by helping M deliver her papers on her new paper route followed by Men’s Bible Study.  We really got serious.  After that M joined me at the Troll’s Den in Kearney for a Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game adventure.  I was a bit worried going in as all my original gaming group have one by one dropped out to the real life stuff.  We, however had three new players to the game yesterday with a full compliment of six adventurers.  Good thing too as they brought the entire Orc tribe down on their heads in the first encounter (always remember to search for traps when entering an enemy’s lair!).  The adventure was fun.  I also picked up my copies of the AD&D 1st Edition reprints.  Beautiful books.

This morning I had the privilege of speaking at 1st Presbyterian in Holdrege.  I am honored that Brother Kirwin trusts me (a Baptist) with is flock.  After church we had some friends over.  My wife made an excellent dinner.  After a nap I played some praise music at home and several of the family joined in, including Lil’ K who made a joyful noise.  In just a few minutes I’m going to lead our church’s Sunday evening prayer meeting.

Thank you, God, for a good weekend, for great family (blood and spiritual), and for another amazing year in Your service.


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