Recently I saw a picture on Facebook which stated, “Don’t hate that which you don’t understand”.  My first thought was, “Don’t assume someone doesn’t understand that which they hate”.  Sometimes hate is justified and the more we know of a thing the more we ought to hate it.  Let me give you two examples, one from history, and one current.

Personally I believe that Nazism in general and the Nazi regime in particular are deserving of our hatred.  Both the philosophy and manifestation of that philosophy either directly committed or caused to be committed unspeakable atrocities, not only against the Jewish people but minorities of all kinds, devout Christians, mentally and physically handicapped, anyone who spoke out, etc.  Hate is an appropriate emotional response and the more one learns about the Nazi regime and the policies they enacted and atrocities committed, the more one’s hatred ought to grow.  This hatred helps to safeguard against such a thing happening again.

Currently in our time we are dealing with a global epidemic (would that then be a pandemic) in Human Trafficking.  Again I would argue that hatred is an appropriate response.  This hatred ought to spur us on to activity.  This is not simply an academic history lesson, but a current concern.  This is something we can and must do something about now.  My sister’s church is actively involved in the fight against human trafficking.  Not simply taking up special offerings and mouthing words of support, they are active in their work to help stop it.  Looking from the outside, I would say that their fight against this evil is second only to their concern for the lost – and the two passions tie together very well.  Not hating this evil leads to complacency and traps people in a living hell.

I absolutely hate that children all over the world are starving to death.  In 2008, nearly 9 million children died before they reached their fifth birthday. One third of these deaths were due in some way to hunger and malnutrition.  My hatred for this situation causes me to petition and write letters to various government officials, encouraging them to work to end this.  My hatred for this situation causes me to devote financial resources to supporting children through Compassion International (Word Vision is another great child sponsorship organization).  My hatred for this situation causes me to volunteer time to help pack food with Feed My Starving Children.  My hatred for this situation causes me to try to convince other people to join me on this crusade.

Support is not clicking a “like” button or forwarding an email.  Support means to bear all or a part of the weight of something, to give assistance to something or someone, etc.  It means putting your money, time, energy and other resources where you’re mouth is.

It is good to hate evil.  Do not assume I do not understand that which I hate.  Ignorance is not the only cause of hatred.  Sometimes a healthy dollop of knowledge produces a healthy measure of hatred.


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