Google Apps & iCloud

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Technology

I recently got an iPhone.  I considered the Android, but since I’m a mac user (iMac, Macbook and iPad) already, I finally decided on the iPhone.  It just seemed to make more sense.  I enjoy the iCloud service (though I miss certain things about MobileMe), but the church is starting to use Google Apps.  So, I’m trying to figure out how to use both.

I don’t need to try to merge all my iCloud and Google data, but I’d like to keep the best of each.  I do need to be able to access both my .me mail as well as my church email which will shortly be run through Gmail.  I suppose I could switch my calendar over to Google.

I wonder if anyone has used both Google Apps and iCloud services in tandem.

  1. At least as far as your iPhone goes, Google Apps appears to be an Exchange ActiveSync account. I run several ActiveSync accounts alongside iCloud without issue…

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