To bring everyone up to speed on my “Achy Breaky Back” saga:

On Monday, October 31st, while participating in our church’s Harvest Festival, I fell approximately five feet off of a jolly jump thing onto the concrete food, landing on my back. I got up, shook in off and didn’t think much of it, finishing the night out. By Thursday I as in extreme pain and having difficulty moving.

On Friday I went to my doctor who took an X-Ray. The area of pain seemed to be caused by muscle spasm and he gave me some needs to relieve that. He did notice something else, however and forwarded my X-Rays on to whomever doctors forward those things on to. This individual reported that there appeared to be a transverse fracture of the L4 (one of the wing thingies on my L4 vertebra looks like it might have been chipped off). An MRI was scheduled to determine if this was an old injury or new, the extent of the damage and if anything can/ought to be done about it.

My MRI was yesterday (Tuesday, November 16) and it’ll be another day or so enforce I find anything out from that. In the meantime, I’m able to move about just fine. The aboriginal back pain is now gone. I am experiencing pain in the L4 region but I don’t rule out the possibility of that being merely psychosomatic since there might be something wrong there.

And that’s pretty much all I know at this time.


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