Yesterday I received my new Kindle.  I’ve begun the process of putting my books back on it.  What makes it more difficult than usual is the amount of non-Amazon books I had on my Kindle.  I have literally thousands of eBooks of various formats from before the Kindle days.  Fortunately there are little applications like Calibre which makes converting and uploading books to Kindle a snap.

Today I received my replacement BlackBerry.  It didn’t work.  It’s even more dead than my defunct original phone.  So, Verizon is sending out a replacement for my replacement.  Is this ironic or merely annoying?


3 thoughts on “Good Tech Bad Tech

  1. I have played the replace the replacement game with Verizon a couple times. The only good news is that when they sent me four of the same phone in two months, the finally gave me a new (not reconditioned) current model off the shelf, instead.

  2. Earlier today I was talking with one our church members who had a similar thing happen, eventually getting a new one. I don’t much cair as my upgrade date is in Feb and I’m planning on getting a new phone then anyway. I just wish I had a working phone to use as a backup in the meantime. Right now I’m dead in the water.

  3. It doesn’t really help you this time around, but I’ve learned to always keep a spare Verizon phone tucked away in a drawer somewhere. With the backup service, that means I’m usually guaranteed to at least be able to make calls, send texts, and know who’s on the other end.

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