Following media criticism, TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie apologizes for speaking at a Focus on the Family event.

I won’t rehash the article.  Read it yourself via the link above.  You can also read a more liberal version here.  After reading both articles it seems to me that Mr. Mycoskie is lacking a little backbone.  It also seems he’s a bit ignorant as to what percentage of charitable giving actually comes from evangelical and conservative Christians.

We all know that Christians don’t give near as much as we ought (and confessedly I keep more of God’s resources than I have a right to).  Despite our shortcomings, Christians consistently give more than non-Christians to various charitable causes (not just church offerings and mission support).  (Here’s a link to an older article which mentions giving percentages.)

Should Christians continue to purchase TOMS Shoes?  I can’t answer that.  More a matter of conscience for the individual.  I can think of several other charitable organizations which I’d rather support with my money & time.  Here are just a few:




This is obviously not an exhaustive list.  Feel free to list your favorite charity in the comments.











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