RockMelt…Good, But Not Good Enough

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Technology

*not a shot of my computer or my friend list

I like social browsers.  Until today I used Flock.  Unfortunately I received an email today advising me that Flock would no longer be supported.  Bummer!  Thus began my search for either a new social browser, or a really good social aggregator.  I like being able to see all my facebook, twitter, linkdin, etc. feeds in one stream and post back to all my networks simultaneously.

Enter RockMelt.  I found it quite by accident as it never came up in any google searches I ran.  It has a very interesting interface.  On the left is a list of my friends currently on Facebook incase I feel like chatting with them.  At the top of the left column is a button for updating my status on the various networks I belong to.  On the right are the feeds to the various social networks I belong to.

Unfortunately RockMelt doesn’t appear to have what I’m looking for and I can’t find anything to alter the settings or any addons which might resolve my dilema.  While I am able to post to various networks right from the browser, it does not seem that RockMelt allows one to update all networks simultaneously.  This means I would need to repost the same post for each network.  That is suboptimal.  And while the browser does link to various feeds, it doesn’t display them in a stream.  Rather little bubbles appear on the various feed icons letting you know how many updates have appeared in your various networks and you can go check them out.  Again, suboptimal.

All in all, RockMelt is a neat idea, but needs some basic changes in functionality in order to work for me.  Looks like my search is still on.

If anyone knows of a good social network aggregator (something like TweetDeck but able to link with many more networks) or a social browser which will do the same, I’d appreciate it.

  1. […] despite my earlier post about RockMelt it seems to be the closest thing to what I need.  My search for something better […]

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