I recently watched Hunter Prey.  A sci-fi fugitive film, the basic plot concerns an escaped prisoner of war and the military unit’s attempt to recapture him.  While some of the chase gets a bit tedious (how much footage of the desert do we really need to see?) there are a couple twists which aren’t 100% predictable.

For a low budget film with relatively unknown actors it’s actually a rather good film.  No block-buster, but nice film in a simple way.  The costumes and makeup are actually quite good.  Add to that the lack of profanity, sex and gore; I think this film is a winner.  I don’t know if it’d hold her attention, but I wouldn’t mind my eleven-year-old seeing it.  I’d also be delighted to find some books or short stories either continuing the story or picking up on other areas of this fictional world.


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