“Man on the cross, I cannot even understand why you let yourself be nailed to the cross.  I would have never, never let them do it to me if I had the power you did.  Didn’t you have any pride?  Jesus, why didn’t you just take a bolt of lightning and knock them all out?  Wipe them out, those miserable creatures! Oh, how I hate meanness and cruelty, and how I hate your persecutors and mine… Jesus Christ, I am afraid of you! You’re asking me to love my enemies, and I can’t even have kind thoughts toward my father.  God, you’re asking the impossible of me – and I fear you, God!  I can serve you in fear and give you due honor, but I don’t know how to love.  Christ, I am even afraid to love you.”
— Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika by Maria Anne Hirschmann


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