After fifteen minutes of constantly getting up to fill bowls of cereal and cups etc. I finally sit down with my laptop.

John: “Papa, what you doing?”

Me: “Attempting to enjoy myself.”

John: “Oh. Ha!”


2 thoughts on “Good Luck With That

  1. Why would you not see helping your kids as enjoyment? I hope they don’t get the idea that they are a bother.

  2. Under ordinary circumstances I do enjoy helping them, and helping them do things and learn to get stuff, etc. Where it wears thin is when a child (could be the same one, could be another) asks for something as soon (the very second) I sit down … over and over and over.

    “Anyone else need anything?” Wait for it…. not a peep.
    Sit down.

    That’s where I was when John asked what I was doing.

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