In October I ordered an item from Amazon.  The estimated delivery date was October 30th.  As of today (November 22nd) I still had not received the item.  I had been tracking the shipment via the United States Postal Service website.  The last record they have of the item was on October 22nd in Kansas City.

I began my quest for my lost item by contacting my local Post Master.  He couldn’t tell me anything more than what was available through the website.  He recommended I file a claim on the package.  I contacted the USPS customer service line and told my story and left my number.  I was told someone would contact me within two business days.  I received a call after two days from my local Post Master who again said there was nothing he could do and that because the package wasn’t insured, there was nothing I could do nor anything the United States Postal Service would do.  It was, as far as the USPS is concerned, a dead issue.

I then contacted Amazon Customer Service.  Their system is rather odd, but speaking to a real human actually happened rather fast once I figured out how to do it.  Within five minutes I had an apology for not having received my package (even though it wasn’t their fault), a new item on the way to be overnighted on their dime, and a ten dollar credit to my account for my inconvenience.

Thank you,


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