And So It Begins

Amie was watching Abbie put her Toothfairy loot in her piggy bank.  Amie walked up to me and said, "Papa, I need some money."



Abbie's wiggly tooth finally came out.  Man, that thing hung on there by literally one thread for the longest time.  It finally fell out as Abbie began breakfast the other day. Two nights ago the Toothfairy forgot to come (stupid fairy).  So last night, with the help of my wife, they set a Toothfairy trap. … Continue reading Toothfairy

All In The Family

My folks are coming. They (and my sister) ought to be here very soon.  I'm excited.  This is the first family visit since our move halfway across the country. We have plans to show them around, visit a nearby museum or two, etc.  We'll also celebrate my sister and Abbie's birthdays while they're here.