Praise team had just started the morning set.  I was gettin’ into it on the first song, eyes closed, playing my guitar, letting the music wash over and flow out of me.  I opened my eyes … and saw my two-year-old son wandering up and down the isles.  I chuckled and thought, Well, I can’t get him, someone’ll take care of it.

I closed my eyes and continued to play.  When I opened them again I saw the boy running from his oldest sister who was leading a posse of children bent on capturing the young vagabond.  It was halfway up the eastern-most isle of the sanctuary when the Regulators caught up with him and brought him down … literally they tackled him right there in the church service.  Once subdued he went along peacefully to the nursery.

Another reason First Baptist of Holdrege is a great place to be?  These goings on scandalized and upset nobody.


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