I had an interview this evening with a church via Skype.  Technologically that was very interesting.  I’ve never communicated via Skype.  I found it much better than previous video conference/chat experiences in the past.  It actually works well without the need for a headset, which allows a group of people in a room to talk to someone a thousand miles away. It allowed my wife to sit in and be apart of the interview (and I’m so glad she was able to be there).

As far as the interview itself went (since I’ve had several people ask that I keep them posted), it went well.  From our perspective, if they call us out there in view of a call, we’ll go.  We’re still very interested in serving at this church.  I did get a little long winded at times (I thank my lovely bride for drawing my attention to this).

From their perspective, I gather it went well from an email I received from the Sr. Pastor.  They’re hoping to get together again on Sunday or Monday to decide the next step.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


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