On Completion

I want to thank and praise God for his work in my life.  He has been faithfully carrying me through the trials of the past months.  One means of His sovereign grace has been through reading some great articles. The following quote came from a response article on The Resurgence website:   Pastors and those … Continue reading On Completion


Logo Contest

The members of The Liberty Coalition (Third Party Alliance) want a new Official Logo! The Winning Prize for the best entry is: A set of two (2) Silver Coins – one (1) ounce each .999 Fine Silver. Coin designs are our choice. Coins will be shipped to the Winner. Thank you in advance to all … Continue reading Logo Contest


Here are the last two lines from a post by John Piper: The physical suffering of this age is God’s warning: This is how horrible and outrageous sin is. Flee it while there is time. Turn to Christ for forgiveness. The physical suffering of eternity is God’s judgment: This is how horrible and outrageous sin was. Now … Continue reading Roasted


"[The missionary seeks] to understand the people he [is] reaching and relate to them in their cultural context... Culturally appropriate evangelism answers the actual question being asked by a given culture, rather than those questions the church believes the culture should ask." --Ed Stetzer, Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age What questions are the … Continue reading Questions