I just finished listening to an interview of AJ Arias, Founder and Director of The Liberty Coalition on Dr. Katherine Albrecht’s radio program (I missed the broadcast but it’s available in podcst form here.)

While I enjoyed the interview and agree with the Liberty Coalition’s stated goals, I was a bit disappointed by Dr. Albrecht.  She is a Libertarian as I used to be.  She is also a Christian as I am.  I was disturbed by her claim that the Bible has no place influencing public policy or the decisions of Christian people in public office.  I disagree wholeheartedly.  The Word of God is to have center stage in all affairs of our lives.

I find her statement odd as she also claims to support the original intent of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.  These same men who, though not all were Christian, had a deep respect for religion, prayer and the Bible.  It was Benjamin Franklin who, though not a Christian, acknowledged that God directs all things and recommended to the Constitutional Convention that they begin each day with prayer.  It was President Washington who, upon taking the Oath of Office for the Presidency of the United States, added on his own accord that his hand be placed on a Bible and finished by also adding the phrase, “So help me God” (a phrase which has continued more than two hundred years though it is not found in the official oath of office).  And let us not forget that James Madison, the man largely responsible for the drafting of our constitution, took many of the principles therein not only from his familiarity with English tradition, but also from his knowledge of Old Testament Law.

The Constitution stipulates that the Federal Government cannot make any laws regarding the establishment of religion or its practice.  It does not state that religious belief should have no place in governing.  The intention of even our secular Founding Fathers was quite the opposite as can be seen, not only within the Constitution, but also their own personal documents and correspondences.


One thought on “I Respectfully Disagree

  1. Indeed, the idea was to bind and limit the state, not religion. On the earthly level, the biggest threat to all humanity is the state, however necessary it may be to have something which functions as government.

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